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posted on Friday, March 2, 2012 | 9 comments

This doodle for you..everyone can take it and dont forget credit to me ya
I very bored so I decided to make doodle..look weird , right??  
I draw this doodle while eating so I draw the doodle like this..

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Written by Erin Kahar at 4:20 PM
Blogger ivy wong said...

Wow.. ><
I like this.
It's so cute.
How did you doodle this? ><

Blogger Erin Kahar said...

ivy wong I use Paint Tool Sai only..btw thanks :)

Blogger Lieyna Rosli said...

cantik lah :) kau guna lappy jenama ape? download paint tool sai banyak kali tak boleh lah :(

Blogger HAJAR said...


Blogger Abdul Hafizuddin Abdul Hashim said...

ambil ye

Blogger Irdina Fatini said...

ambik tau :) hehe thanks

Blogger Amer Amirah said...

Comell Lah kak Erinn ;) Ambik Tauu , Tq :D

Blogger Impian Seorang Gadis Cilik said...

mmg kawaii..qiha ambik ye kak!!!time kacih!

Blogger Aina Misha said...

i love it tq


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