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posted on Saturday, March 3, 2012 | 9 comments

Assalamualaikum . .
Hello le I just want to show my art trade..
I know it not pretty as you art trade..oh ya~ you can take it but please credit to me..
thank you guys..maybe I'll not updated my blog for a few days because I'll stand the test this week = ='

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Written by Erin Kahar at 3:48 PM
Blogger Lieyna Rosli said...

cantik nyer erin.. jeles aq!

Blogger syieda sharuddin said...


Blogger Erin Kahar said...

@Lieyna Rosli : haha..simple je nyot!
@syieda sharuddin : thanks :)

Blogger Lieyna Rosli said...

kalau yang ni lukis guna photoshop ke paint tool sai??

Blogger Erin Kahar said...

@Lieyna Rosli : guna Paint Tool Sai je.. aku dah buad entry pasal 'how to doodle'...

Blogger Abdul Hafizuddin Abdul Hashim said...

ambil ye

Blogger Nurul Aine said...

take this, lawo sangat , thanks :)

Blogger Cik Huda said...

ambil yee

Blogger Aimi Wardina ♥ said...



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