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Senarai Hadiah :
Mystery Gift X 1 (Top Refferal)  Impreza Awie
Keychain nama sendiri X 3  Liyana Erythrina
Bawal Tribal X 1  Aina Mansor
Keychain X 3  Nabila Medan
Kain Ela 4 Meter X 3  Impreza Awie
Baju Tidur X 3  Dressuana
Topup RM10 X 1  Impreza Awie
Topup RM5 X 4  Impreza Awie
Topup RM3 X 5  Impreza Awie
Bookmark X 3  Nadiya Liana *new
Necklace/Bracelet X 2  Nadiya Liana *new

Due date : 10 May 2013

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Hye. I'm Erin, owner for this blog. 19. To me, strength is nothing more than how well we hide the pain. So, if it's bad, it's an experience. Ask me.

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