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posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 | 2 comments


Hello sugar bear!!
Hey , erin ada buad skin baru lagi . . maybe not too simple as yesterday . .
erin guna color yang lembut such as blue + purple = lavender?? its true . . 
i need your rate , can i?? please . . add me too on bloskins to who has blogskins account . .
siapa boleh tolong macam mana nak edit blogskins page?? i need you help . .
yes i'm not stupid as monkey . . u jelly? owww . . not at all . . 
here the skins that i have submited . . :)

Written by Erin Kahar at 8:05 PM
Blogger eyza ♥ said...

salam , if u tak keberatan jom join first GA eyza :)


Blogger Nur Nabilah Zahari said...

Hai. comel skin awak. awak tlah ditag : saya comment kat sini sebb sy tak jumpa awak pnye chatbox. sorry :)


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